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Spinal Movement and Your Health

A quick summary:

  • The nervous system regulates our health.
  • Joint position/movement (proprioception) charges the cerebellum and modulates all other brain activities.
  • The question: what happens if there is poor proprioception?

If there is poor information coming from spinal joint segments (which provide over 50% of all proprioception information), the brain will begin to guess. It will use past experiences to anticipate what is happening. This can be a good thing. You can walk through your house in very little light. You do this by memory, anticipating where things are at. But sometimes you’re off ‘center’ and you bump into things. No big deal – as long as you only bump into something.

What if you guess wrong on the steps?

Or you don’t see the Lego toy left where it shouldn’t be? So, if the brain guesses wrong on how much force the muscle should pull, or the timing of the muscle groups is incorrect, or something unexpected occurs during a guess, then we have the “I turned wrong” or “I didn’t do anything” scenarios.

And that’s just what happens at the local level of the spine. What happens in other areas of the brain?

Be Well,

Dr. Tom

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