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Does Chiropractic Treat Pain?

While we understand that pain is the main reason people seek our care, the reality is that chiropractic does not treat pain. Yes, pain and other symptoms do subside – sometimes dramatically fast – with chiropractic care. I believe it is important for people to understand this distinction so that they can make informed decisions. “Better health begins with better choices.”

When we are in pain, the body shifts into a heightened stress/survival response; for how long and how intense depends upon the duration and intensity of the pain. While a tissue/organ/the body is in the survival mode, healing is not the top priority. This is the stress response as described by Hans Selye. So, it is important to reduce the pain so that the tissue/organ/body can shift into the healing mode.  The pain itself is not the problem. The pain warns us of a problem.

What problem, then, am I as a chiropractor searching for and caring for? A subluxation.

When we are under prolonged stress (physical, chemical, emotional), the stress adversely affects nerve function and will change the tension patterns around the spine. This creates dis-ease and dysfunction in the way the spine will move. More importantly, the ability of the nervous system to regulate and synchronize us is compromised. This is the subluxation.

No one disputes that every organism has the ability to self-heal and self-regulate to maintain homeostasis (balance). For humans, the nervous system is the master regulatory system. If the nervous system has its ability to regulate interfered with, then homeostasis will eventually be disrupted. Increased tension in our systems leads to a feeling of “not well” (dis-ease), then onto fatigue of a system. Next is illness and finally a disease.

As a chiropractor, by restoring proper nervous system regulation, healing can be revitalized. The current sick care model is failing. We are not becoming healthier but sicker as we live longer. This can be a major shift in thinking for you. I will continue this line of thought for you in another blog: how does a stuck vertebrae affect the nervous system?

Be Healthy!  – Dr. Tom

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