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Do You Have a Back Problem or a Health Problem?

Quite often I am asked, “Is this a joint problem or a muscle problem?” The question has relevance if one only thinks of their symptoms relating to a back problem. But what if it is more than a back problem? Yes, you are probably aware that serious health issues, such as cancer, could show symptoms in the back and therefore be “more than a back problem.”

So what am I talking about then?

I am referring to the relationship that the spine has in influencing the nervous system, particularly the brain. Since the brain monitors and regulates all our functions, proper regulation is essential for good health.

This concept is at the core of chiropractic.

The nervous system regulates our health. Improper function of the spine negatively affects the nervous system (a subluxation). Adjustments can correct the subluxations, thereby improving overall health. (They are also very effective for back problems!)

My next post will explore this concept more.

Be well,

Tom Morris, DC

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