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Chiropractic Care and the Coronavirus

First,  I will be absolutely clear: there is NO chiropractic adjustment that is anti-viral or anti-bacterial.

Chiropractic adjustments have 2 primary actions on the body: #2 – there can be a mechanical effect on the joints, ligaments and muscles. Releasing a stuck joint, so to speak. #1 – the primary effect, and the one that has the greatest impact on you, is the improvement of brain-body communication.  Since the brain, the nervous system, regulates all bodily functions (including the immune system), distortions within it will reduce the efficiency of the regulation.  With the immune system, being less efficient could mean being over or under active.

Many patients tell us that they will recover faster from colds and flu with chiropractic care. Patients who maintain regular care beyond obvious symptoms report they are less likely to get sick annually.

Is there any scientific evidence to support that?  There is some emerging evidence from a few studies.  The most the authors of the studies will say is that some biomarkers of the immune system are changed after adjustments.

There is some historical evidence from the 1918 influenza pandemic.

  • In Davenport, Iowa, 50 medical doctors treated 4953 cases with 274 deaths. 150 Chiropractors and students at the Palmer College of Chiropractic cared for 1635 cases with 1 death.
  • Through the state of Iowa, medical doctors treated 93590 cases with 6116 deaths. Chiropractors, excluding those in Davenport, cared for 4735 cases with 6 deaths.
  • Perigau, France, Base Hospital No. 84 the influenza ward, S.T. McMurrain, chiropractor, set up a table for adjusting the patients. The medical officer sent all influenza patients to McMurrain for care. Lt. Col. McNaughton, the detachment commander, was so impressed he requested McMurrain be commissioned in the Sanity Corp. (To put that in perspective, the military did not recognize chiropractors as doctors, so would not commission them as officers.)

My recommendations:

  1. If you think you have been exposed, follow the recommendations of self-containment. Contact your medical physician for instructions. This virus is highly contagious and affects the elderly severely.
  2. Keep your immune system healthy: Vitamin D, fish oil (omega 3 oil) and other supplements.
  3. Don’t drink sugar! Soda pop and fruit juice. Eat your fruit but do not eat primarily sweet fruits.
  4. Reduce the junk in your diet – and you know what that is.
  5. Stay hydrated with water. Small amounts often through the day.
  6. Rest, sleep are very important.
  7. Wash your hands with soapy water.
  8. Don’t participate in the fear. You can be mindful of protecting yourself and your family without being fearful. Being in a “fight-flight” mode suppresses the immune system.
  9. Get adjusted! (You were wondering when I’d say this.)

These are things everyone should be doing to be healthy, even without the coronavirus.

Be healthy,

Dr. Tom

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