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Back Problem or a Health Problem #2

Our nervous system is constantly monitoring the environment outside and inside of us. It does this to maintain the best possible balance it can for our survival.

Joint Position Sense

Let’s focus on one component of that monitoring system: joint position sense (proprioception). Accurate joint position sense is essential for all movement. Through proprioception, the brain changes muscle contraction force, speed and synchronization of muscle groups.

This is coordination and we watch it evolve with infants and children. Adults can improve it for sports. Now the exciting part is what neurologists are learning: that proprioception influences the brain’s ability to operate properly in activities other than muscle movement. Proper spinal movement actually charges (like a battery) the cerebellum (our coordination center). The cerebellum modulates ALL other areas of the brain for our language; our thoughts; our attention; our emotions.

What do you think would happen if there is poor information coming from the proprioception system? That’s next!

Choose Health,

Dr. Tom

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